PowerSlim is expanding and looking for new coaches. We designed and built their lead generation campaign.

  • Client PowerSlim
  • Product Website & DM campaign
  • Services Strategy, UX/design, development, print

PowerSlim is a weight loss method that has been successfully helping people to lose and maintain their weight for over 10 years. Now that PowerSlim is expanding and looking for new independent coaches, they asked us to design a campaign to recruit coaches.


Based on a national study into the potential of Powerslim among entrepreneurs and consumers, we designed and built a campaign that combines both online and offline channels which is both highly personalized and scalable.

Finding the potential

Market research agency SAMR started this project to determine the profile of the best performing PowerSlim coaches. Based on those profiles, we looked at which comparable entrepreneurs are located in the beauty & health market in the Netherlands.

Next SAMR investigated which regions are high in potential PowerSlim clients and where those areas overlap with those of the potential entrepreneurs found, the so-called "white spots". Next, we took over :)

A personal message

After the research was done, we designed and sent every potential coach a highly personalized brochure with their name, region, amount of prospect clients in their region and a url/QR-code to their personal landingspage.

In-depth insight with a personal landing page

When landing on their personal landing page, potential coaches are personally welcomed with visuals and statistics about their region. Different in-depth call-to-actions can be done, like a personal revenue calculation, download whitepaper, order a infopack and making an appointment. In addition, all forms are pre-filled to lower the hurdle to a lead.

Follow-up made ease

To keep following-up scalable, new leads are automatically sent to PowerSlim's sales and newsletter systems and calls are automatically scheduled for the relevant account managers. By being able to import large numbers of personal data and turn them into landing pages, the entire process and technology is highly scalable.

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