With over 80 companies operating in 32 countries, Pon is literally huge! Being one of Pons preferred digital suppliers, we deliver UX/design services for products like intranets, brands and campaigns.

  • Client Pon
  • Product Prefered UX partner
  • Services UX-design, graphic ontwerp, corporate identity


With over 80 companies, Pon has multiple intranets of which we designed a few. Last year we designed the main global Pon intranet.


Our challenge was to think of a design which is applicable to many companies, all their brands brands, different types of applications and content. We came up with a design system of blocks which provides a solution for every kind of application and content. 

Into the depth

Because of Pon's size, many companies and brands, their global intranet has many sites, pages and layers. To keep the deep structure accessible on all devices we used the so called curtain menu.

Box of blocks

How do you design an intranet without having to design every site, page and type of content? We created a design system for the Pon global intranet: a box of blocks to create every site, page and content type imaginable.  


Think of comments, image carousels, campaigns, related content, maps, contacts, documents, quotes. You name it, there's a block for it!

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